Group Workout then free ride but no Simulation mode. After lastest update.

Today I start Zwift, it updates to the latest (June 20). I chose a group workout and free ride a bit before the WO begins. The timer runs down and I am entered into the group paddock. The WO begins. It goes fine. The WO ends and the hero screen timer finishes and I expect to just start free riding and I do but there is no Simulation mode. I am just spinning with no resistance. I exit Zwift and re start and it’s all as normal.

So for today I have three ride files and had to exit the game.

Bug or feature?

I always free ride after a WO. I would think this is a bug.




Hi Alan - 

I’m sorry you encountered this issue. I think it is likely to be one of two issues on our radar, but to confirm I will need to see the game log from the event in question.

Can you please open a support ticket here:

Mention near the beginning of your ticket that this is a log request from Lindsay Ruppert and to fast-track to QA to ensure it reaches me as soon as possible.

You will also need to attach your game log from the session, which can be found in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder. You’ll be looking for the Log.txt files that match the date of your ride, not the Launcher_log.txt files. 



Ticket Opened.

Log attached.


Second Log sent. The correct one this time…