Zwift crashing when entering Group Mode

(Dave Musselwhite (M70/ZBR/TeamZF/PACK/RO) #1


Yesterday I finally felt confident to join my first group ride and registered for the SUB2 ride at 5pm (PST).

Everything was fine during the warmup and the Group start warning as showing correctly in the bottom left corner of the screen.  At about 20 minutes to go I press the Join button and Zwift immediately crashed.  I logged back several times and the same happened each time.

I decided to wait for the “forced” join message and let Zwift automatically send me to the group start.  As soon as it activated Zwift crashed again.  So I signed on one more time, pressed “No thank you” and waited for the group out on the road.

I completed two laps successfully and registered my ride.

System : Macbook Pro El Capitan 10.10.6

Any ideas?

p.s. Zwift has worked perfectly both before and after these problems.  I have all the log files available.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Dave,

We’re going to need some log files from you so I’m going go ahead and create a ticket for this and we’ll continue on from there.