Custom Workout - Free Ride - resistance changing

Hey all,

I recently experienced some strange behaviour in custom workouts with free ride sections, where sometimes the resistance was either constant and only affected by gearing and in other sections constantly fluctuating according to the terrain.

After doing some research on the internet I stumbled across tips about editing the workout files via a text editor and so I had a look at them.
I was surprised, that the free rides sections where randomly assigned either the simulation mode (FlatRoad=“0”) or the constant resistance mode (FlatRoad=“1”).
Have a look at the attached screenshot from my Ronnestad 13 x 30/15 splits, where the first 7 segments where programmed in constant resistance mode and then from the 8th segment on are in simulation mode suddenly.
I didn’t access and fumble with these files before but just created them in Zwift.

I then created some other custom workouts with only a 10 min free ride segment and had a check via the text editor. And some where coded as constant resistance mode (FlatRoad=“1”) and others as simulation mode (FlatRoad=“0”).

So whenever you experience odd behaviour and erratic power changes in your free ride segments in custom workouts its likely that somehow the simulation mode got turned on. I would recommend checking your workout files in the documents/zwift/workouts folder and changing the lines back to FlatRoad=“1”.