Group workout mode

Last night I participated in a CIS group workout. I’ve done this a few times. Last night I was dislocated from the group randomly. I was keeping up with the required Watt and RPM ranges so I don’t know why I had lost them. I’m wondering if it was a technical issue but not being tech savvy I don’t know. The time at which I lost them is also about the time I received a phone call on my phone which for the first time ever disrupted my zwift phone app. The phone app logged out of the ride and when I went to open it again it never connected back to my computer.the only screen available to me is the one that shows when you are not riding on Zwift. However I was riding on zwift still. I use my computer to ride and even though I was out of the group I was still achieving stars and doing the workout until the end for the last 40 minutes. I tried multiple times to reconnect back through my phone and it would not relate. And unfortunately, as I suspected at the end of the workout, zwift did not save anything past that moment my phone disconnected from the group workout; however, it only captured the first 15 minutes, six miles, and it was corrupt. I did take pictures of the computer screen that does show I did complete the entire workout. A suggestion if it’s possible would be for the zwift files to somehow backup more continually while riding so data does not become corrupt and reduced.

Separately on the topic of workout mode. When I did get dropped I guess I would call it. Like I said I continue to still be able to do the levels and participate and complete the work out. However, it seems that once I was disconnected from the group it no longer had me on the same Roots as everyone else. I saw people turn One Direction while I went another. So there was no chance for me to even try to catch up to the group. Which is not motivating at all and quite discouraging. Also I found when I wasn’t connected to the group and continuing to ride my speed was abnormally low for the watts per kilogram I was extending. I took pictures of this as well. But typically if I am at 2.5 or greater I am around 20 miles per hour. Last night it had me at about 14.

In the end I think workout mode is a great tool however it seems too simple to get lost out of the group and not Possible to rejoin the group even if the effort is high due to obstacles with the rules of workout mode currently.

Thank you for allowing me to get feedback and great job on continuing to evolve the program.