Group rides seem more difficult since update

Since update last saturday
Riders dissapear and come back all the time specially on group rides.
But more important, I have to ride much harder then the rest,for example on 3wkg ride in group ,in midpack, I have to push minimum 3.5 watt all the time where others push 2.8 or so…
I have riden many 160km rides on saturday, I know the difference.
Is there a solution?
I have calibrated tacx already,and i will uninstall zwift and install.
Thank you

Did you ride on the TT bike?

No ,normal bike even now at gamba social ride

I had similar feeling when riding with pace partner coco…strange thing was, riding in front with a few riders was easier then inside the group near coco

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same sensation today, though nobody disappearing, but ride within group was some 10-15w harder than compared to before…ride was 2h KissAtBase with some 180 riders…some mentioning same issue during the ride…

I’ve had exactly the same in most races since updating on Friday morning. Drafting just doesn’t seem to work at times. Normal bike. Not TT. Sometimes getting spat out the blob when up to 1 w/kg higher than most other riders.


This is what is happening to me I’m glad it’s not just me


Same here. I did a group ride (D) last night with SZR and had to push it really hard (245W 20min avg) to stay in the blob. Unintentionally Zwift upgraded my FTP from 227 to 233 :thinking:

Interesting comments - we were talking about similar issues yesterday in the Zwift Racing League. I’m a strong A+ rider and couldn’t make progress at all through the bunch in this weeks race even when pushing between 6 and 7. For the first 7.5km I averaged 409w (approx 5wkg) and still ended up off the back. Another one of our riders had a similar problem - we genuinely think there was a draft problem (a complete lack of) for some riders after the latest update. To put this in context, I came 7th in Race 1.


This evening i rode the DBR endurance ride 90 minutes.
In the front group i had to push hard to follow until i almost fell of my bike.
Another difference is my distance at the end of the ride ,I had at least 4km more than the rest.
Same ride ,90 minutes

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Same here…riding with pace partner…it was actualy easier on the front or at the back then in the middle of the bunch… strange?

Sticky told me to drop the file of my rides on zwiftalizer which i did this morning.
I hope this may work, and maybe they send me an answer.
Tomorrow group ride again 3wkg, we’ll see if things are better.

what did you see on Zwiftalizer. What was your P5 and average FPS. Also did you look at network issues and trainer connectivity.

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I don’t know i just put file on zwiftalizer…I saw nothing ,I suppose someone takes care of it on the other side?

Nope, you need to do the analysis, it just shows you the information

Ok how do i do that ,I am no pc specialist…

I’ve had major issues for a week now… Has the last update raised the minimum specs required for zwift? I was running it on a laptop that is minimum spec. Dont know whether I need to buy better hardware. Thats another post in the making of what to buy…

I’ve hardly had any draft if the blob is bigger than 10 - 15 riders. Any more than that and I can go 2 w/kg higher and still not make my way through. Getting spat out the back with numbers that would usually have me surging to the front.

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I’m having zero network or ant + issues. I hardwired my garage for ethernet earlier this week due to these issues, just incase it was WiFi related. I have been dropping to 4 fps minimum. And on one race 1 fps which kept freezing and I had to quit

Drop your log.txt file into Zwiftalizer.

Then you will see:



I circled the things you need to look at.


Anything lower than 15fps is not good. You need to reduce your resolution.