Group ride / missing route badge

Hi all, not sure if this is deliberate but I took part in a no drop group ride last Thursday (14th May 2020) on the New York - Lady Liberty course. Despite doing 2 laps of the course, no “course completed” badge was given even though it was my first ever time on that route. Why wasn’t the badge awarded?

To provide a bit more information if needed.

New York wasn’t one of the guest worlds that evening.
I wasn’t the ride leader
I was using the AppleTV Zwift app

Do you mean a meet up with “keep group together” turned on or do you mean a group ride event?

My understanding is meetups with “keep group together” turned on do not count for route badges.

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hi Ben,

Yes the meet up with “Keep group together”. Aka non-drop :slight_smile:

But thanks for clarifying that for me. It does make sense as someone could essentially be pulled around the route

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I’ve received route badges in meetups with keep everyone together enabled, it will work, but meetups in New York are having issues since the last update.

@Dave_Bage can you post a screen shot of your ride, you are private so I cant see it. I assume you weren’t put on the correct route.

Sorry, I meant a screen shot of the route you rode during the meetup, does it look like this?

Thats intriguing as it would appear despite the name, the route is not the same… (which does explain things)

Yes, it looks like the part perimeter route, which is consistent with the meetup bug in New York. Zwift is aware and working on a fix. It might work if you do it as a solo free ride.

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