Group ATP Racing 1 in "D" category?

Is there a reason (logical or otherwise) why a group called “ATP Racing 1” is racing in “D” in a See only event category riders race?

I joined that race, but then I saw that BS and quit. But before calling them cheats in the chat and here and anywhere else, I wanted to make sure that there’s a reason they entered “D” instead of “A”.
I’m just curious.

Here are the screenshots:

That was the WTRL Team TT. They don’t use the standard A,B,C & D cat’s.

They have a FB page as mentioned in the ride description.


What does that mean that they don’t use the standard D cat? They were racing in a D race, so that means they have a special D category??

So you’re saying that the ONLY “event category riders” race after 6PM during the whole week for D riders will be riddled with A & B riders?

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I saw one of their events the other day but didnt have time to check out what it was about so rode in another event. Looks like they use use category’s to represent the team and I’m not sure that the Category has any relationship to the w/kg???(edit: not likely a correct assumption - have no idea but keen to find out).

I had a quick nosey on FB and everyone seems to love what they are doing and loads of comments like “now this is racing”. I saw another post suggesting (posted a while ago while they were experimenting) that people sign up as D cat, ZP will disqualify them, but they will re-categorise later. Per @Gerrie_Delport, checkout the FB page they steer you to if you want to know more - dont believe its anything sinister and definitely not cheating as the conditions are buried in their FB link that you should visit to understand what you are signing up to.

I’m keen to find out more as I like tough and fair racing so thanks for highlighting this!

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Standard Cats use the traditional w/kg system. Non-standard Cats might use Age, Weight or some other factors listed in the Race Description. As pointed out above, this was a team time trial that didn’t use the standard format for race entry.

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These are fun races, I have done a few.


Hello: i race with ATP. The ABCD you are talking about are used as “holding pens” for teams to stage their teams in as start times are stagered. In these WTRL races ABCD has absolutely nothing to do with individual rider ability. Hope this helps.