A B C D being used for distance not race category

Please can you refrain from using the letter categories for designating different race distances? We have become accustomed to understand these as relative to a W/KG rather than a multiple of a distance. Its just coinfusing. Wouldn’t it be easier if you wanted multiple distances to simply list them separately as events in their own right?

How hard can it be to read the description of the event I want to participate, or see the difference between Race and Group Ride?


Not really sure if your posting was meant for this topic Ben?

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It was and hes correct


Human nature. It’s why we always code cables in the same way :+1:.

Once you have a system that works and is familiar there really is no need to then swap it around for multiple meanings. If zwift wanted to create mixed ability races of multiple distances there are multiple other ways they could’ve done it. Now C means both a watt/kg range OR a short race format etc

It doesn’t work.


If I want to join an event, I read the description.
Then I know, if it’s a race where the Cat stands for w/kg or if it’s a group ride with different distances.
I even know, what route the ride will take and if theres a jersey as reward or sth.
I then decide, if I want to join the event.

RTFM! :wink:

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Yes it does.

I would sugest always reading the description, some events use the A B C D groups as age groups others have different w/kg limits, there are some that use it for TTT.

So with only 4/5 groups event leaders has to get creative.

Zwift has been using A, B and C categories for distance for as long as I’ve been on Zwift which must be just over 3 years now. I’ve just learnt to check the distance and w/kg limits before signing up for any event.

It would be more user friendly though if Zwift used different letters for distance categories to avoid confusion. Perhaps S, M and L for short, medium and long distance. While they’re at it maybe use W for women’s only events.

Something that could be added to the long list of things to do.


I agree you should always read the description & this has never bothered me personally. That being said he’s not wrong about what he is saying. I’m sure there have been others who have been confused by the multiple meaning. So it is a valid issue.


There’s also events that use them for age categories. Unfortunately that’s how it is coded, Using the letters. So if an organiser wants to run a different type of event that’s all they have to work with.

Ya this threw me off a little today cause i did see it state C was for 1-5w/kg but they all said that…but then looking closer saw the 2mile difference in distance between each category or A/B/C/D. By then I had already joined C and was wondering… why are people doing like 4w/kg avg in C! :smiley:

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Thanks for reply. I agree with everyone in that yes I always check the description etc. However it should be intuitive. This goes beyond simple confusion though it means that it destroys the prospect running category based competitions in third party services eg zwiftpower for which many thousands of zwifters ( and pretty much all the race community) belong to. It shouldn’t take much to keep A-D for the W/kg and then have another way of coding the distances. I’ve just seen again the tour for all races is a mess with a different application again!


It’s the equivalent of occasionally needing a red light to mean something other than stop.