Different coding for race categories and route choices in events

Currently Zwift uses the same A-D (or A-E) categories for all events, regardless of whether the event is a race (then the category describes your perfomance level (i.e. ability, not desired intensity) based on w/kg) or one of Zwift’s “tour events” like the Tour de Zwift (in which case the letters code the length/difficulty of different route options).

And on top of that, for social rides the same categories can be used, but in these cases the w/kg-ranges do not represent the Zwifter’s performance ability, but rather the intended intensity of the event (e.g. sub2, 1.5-1.9, etc).

I can imagine that - especially for new Zwifters - this might be confusing and contributes to people signing up in wrong race categories as well.

I suggest using different codes for all these very different event options, e.g.

A-D as they are (w/kg limits are a different topic)
E: Women’s only
or make the categories MA-MD and WA-WD.

F: 1-5 w/kg “mixed open category”
G: ride specific, e.g. sub2, sub1.5 etc.

1-4: Route options in tour events

Or finally implement the much-requested auto-assignment of race categories… :wink: