Auto-assign user to race category

It would be nice if riders could be auto-assigned to a race category based on their w/kg at FTP or previous AWG w/kg on the specific race distance. Maybe also taking into account level of other racers in the race and put you in a category with racers on the same level.

And, as a side note, why isn’t ZwiftPower or similar a native part of the Zwift platform?

Also autoassign the “Event ID” rather than having to change your name every time you want to ride one.

If everyone is in the correct category then you wont need the event ID in your name. In most cases it is no longer needed apart for some special events like Masters racing.


A lot of the non-racing events still ask you to put their initials in your name.  My guess it that it will disappear because fewer and fewer people do it.  I know I never bother any more even if the event requests it.