Race catagorys


This has probably been talked about in som form before, but i could not find anything when i searched…

I think it woul be a great idea to let zwift Utomaticly put you in the the race catagory you belong based on for example your best 20 min effort the last 6 months.

This would be great for the motivation since you could advance up in the catagorys

And it would stop wrecking your motivation when you race as a c or d rider and get hammered by riders that has joined as d rider but are really a or b riders.

And maybe have some system that put the lenght of the race in the description of the race. In km and mile.

Ride on !

That will remove a lot if frustration in lower category races.

It will be nice if Zwift give race organizers the tools to define how categories will be automatically assigned.

Typical options can be:

  1. No auto assign

  2. Use current weight and FTP

  3. Use Zwift Power ranking

  4. Use CVR ranking

  5. Race organizer pre selected riders (by name or Zwit ID) 

  6. By age category (defined by organizer)


It will also nice to have more that 4 categories especially fir bigger events, if a ranking system is used then the big races can be split into 10 smaller groups this will make it a lot more fun and competitive.





Automatic minimum race category sounds like something worth exploring.  I would think it would be better if it was based on a shorter window of perhaps six weeks.  Also, you should always have the ability to race at a higher level if you choose.