Some advice from a veteran simracer

Hi all,

First things first : Zwift is great !

But I am missing some things. In the past I used to simrace a lot with the most advanced simulators on the market (like the software used by multiple F1 teams). I am also a programmer and programmed some stuff for some simrace titles.

I have some advice of how to make the races in Zwift better.
At the moment the player is totally in charge of choosing if he races in A,B,C,D or E category. This gives a lot of problems with riders that are MUCH to strong in lower categories. Yesterday I did a 2-2.5 W/Kg ride and the guy in first place got an average of 4.3W/Kg. This is not fun for the other people.

It would be great if you made it so that the software chooses the correct category automaticly, and that the player cannot change this.
What I propose is that besided the normal FTP, each player also has a read-only FTP or something (I am aware why you made the FTP writable). 

This way you can use this read-only field and auto-assign each rider in the correct category.

Another option is not to use categories but ‘splits’ like iRacing does.
Everyone wanting to join a race subscribes to the race. When the race starts, zwift auto splits the subscribed riders into groups of lets say 40 riders. So when 200riders subscribed, zwift will magically create 5 ‘splits’ or seperate races. Best riders go in group 1, slowest in group 5.


Go check up on the internet how iRacing handles all this with the iRating score and stuff.

Another thing is information about standings and results :

  • During the race : Show the current position, and the time behind the leader
  • After the race : Make the results available on a central website with as much information as possible.

Moving to Feature Requests forum. And thanks for the feedback! I’ve passed this on to the team.

It does seem that B,C,&D races are generally won by an arbitrary person who crossed the finish line about 20-30% back from the leader on the road in their group.  I hope your suggestion is being heard. 

I DISAGREE with the suggestion of “autoplacing” the rider in a Category A, B, C,D or E race. I understand the issue but I prefer the FREEDOM TO CHOOOSE which category and what races/rides I do. However, to solve this problem, I suggest the riders that are riding way too fast get “flagged, dinged, or notified of violation” - i.e. a warning to slow down.  If they don;t, after a warning, then they can be knocked out of the ride!  Obviously it needs to be based on the avergae watts or pace over time rather than in a given moment.  

Hi Lisa,

Please note that I propose this only for RACE.
NOT for group rides.

If you want to do group rides with a lower category because you want an easy ride, I understand this, and have absolutely no problem with that.

It is only for races that these category’s should be auto-assigned.

It’s a fair point. We have similar rules with our local golf club. Divisions are auto selected based on number of entrants in each handicap range. This gives even divisions etc. Obviously the joy of golf being the handicap system equalises the start line which isn’t possible in Zwift.

been a year since original post and still same issue?