Group racing

I’d like to see a feature where you just entered group graded racing and Zwift automatically assigns you to the correct group based on your FTP. Would stop people joining the wrong grade in error (or sandbaggers…).

This has been suggested many times and most of the community share your view.

I did a masters ride last week based on age , im 63, which was in Group D
Looking around at close by Zwift riders many seemed to be in the wrong age group
Some “youngsters” were even in group E over 70s!
Spoilt the ride for me as I had no idea whether those also in D were age doping or not.
How difficult would be fro Zwift to allocate the right age group from your profile?

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Here are a few post about this issue, please also vote for these.
And I do agree this will make racing a lot more fun.