Tour de Zwift Ride categories

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I´m wondering if the tour de Zwift Ride Categories are only regarding the distance of the route or its the same as the racing Cats. I applied for C Cat on ride but noticed that the first peloton is grinding a way more power than a regular C would do. are there A´s and B´s in the same ride and everyone is just labeled as “C” for this ride?

From TdZ FAQ

Q: What’s the difference between the RIDE categories?

A: Each stage offers three different routes to explore. Choose your own adventure—ride one or ride them all!

Category A will be the longest ride.

Category C will be the shortest ride.

Category B lies somewhere in between Category A and C in terms of duration.

All genders can join categories A, B, and C, but the D category is for women only and follows the same route as Category B.

The categories are:

  • Category A: Longer Ride
  • Category B: Standard Ride
  • Category C: Shorter Ride
  • Category D: Standard Ride (Women Only)

We are also excited to include an option to race the Tour de Zwift. Races will be scheduled eleven times a day (weekends only) during the stage dates listed above! You choose how you want to participate. You can just ride, just race, or a do combination of both!

thanks Ian, i missed that when looking in the information .
It makes more sense now

You’re not the first to miss this and you won’t be the last.

I think it’s about time Zwift moved away from using “A, B, C and D” for events like this and started using something else - like “R1, R2, R3 and W2”

Or it could replace the (incorrect) text saying “AVG 1.0 - 5.0 w/kg” with something like “For all abilities”.

It’s taken me 4 years to realise that text is incorrect, as it suggests you can only take part if you can do 1.0 w/kg or above, which isn’t the case; the Tour is for EVERYONE.

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It would be good to see as well the riders Cat on the place stats on the right of the screen, so you know who is in front and you can choose if you want to go for a stronger peloton or stick to your peers

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You can see their w/kg so just use that to judge if you can hang with them or not. Race cat wouldn’t really tell you the whole story as an A cat could be using the tour ride as a recovery zone 2 ride where you likely could ride with them.

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I can see the W/kg bur I can’t read it. I believe I am not the only one with weak eyes? I would prefer some marker in the color of the category.