Zwift orginised ride - El Giro de Rigo

Zwift, please do not change on a whim what has been standard for the every event and race that zwift community introduced the original concept of A,B,C and D classifications. A and B have always been the stronger riders while C and D less so. So make the distances reflect this and don’t change the classifications to confuse everybody.

Although this isn’t a race, so the “racing categories” don’t apply, I do agree that making the longer distances correspond to the “higher” categories would make more sense.

An “A” racer might naturally assume the “A” group is a longer ride while the “C” ride is the shorter one, and vice versa.

It would still be potentially confusing though, as a “B” male rider might assume he can enter the B ride. I think there’s an argument that they should have a completely different way of labelling these types of events and gender-specific groups.

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Agreed. I read carefully and knew what I was signing up for, but there was some confusion amongst others in the chat.

The other weird thing was why end the A/B categories at this arbitrary 40km? Why was it not at a logical place like the end of the route? Just make it 1 lap instead of shortly after the KOM banner (or why not just end it right at the banner?). Is there something significant about 40km that I’m not aware of?

Great ride, though - lots of fun today.