Confusing classifiction when opting into a race

I found an event that was classified as A, B, C, D however when I got to the start it looked like it was only A or B? Do I start anyhow. Was wanting the easiest group as a first timer.

Hi Neil - welcome to the forums!

You profile is marked as private so we cant view your events to be able to clearly answer your question. If you dont want to make your rides public, can you provide the event name, date and time and the timezone you are in please.

Most categories are based on Zwiftpower’s standard category definitions (below), but some events also use them in other ways - for eg, TDZ events use categories for different courses/routes.

Another tip since you are new, whilst Zwift schedule is OK at first, I’d suggest you use Zwifthacks as it tends to be a lot easier to navigate and look at all the scheduling options, plus it has links to other resources like Zwiftinsider for routes etc

A,B,C,D are Zwift race categories based on your ftp and w/kg. However many events and even some races have different categories based on age or length. For example an event could be A for 60km and B for 40km. Or, category A could be 40-45 and category C could be 60-70.
Read the race or event instructions for signup instructions and use the table Dean posted to give you some idea where you are based on ability.