New to Zwift - is "category cheating" normal?

Hi! New to Zwift and cycling. I noticed that in the few rides and races I’ve been in, riders are joining categories well below what they should be in. Last night a “D” category rider averaged over 4.0 w/kg with the main peloton averaging 3.8 w/kg, while a true “D” category rider like myself was left to ride alone. I averaged 1.9 w/kg during the ride, keeping my HR between 95-100%, and ended up riding alone the entire race… I want to say I placed 2nd or 3rd to last… Is this common? Has Zwift not thought about using a system that averages w/kg based on the last 30 rides to categorize riders? It seems quite disingenuous for elite riders to join “D” category races just to place high, and makes it worse when genuine “D” category riders just want people to ride with, but can’t because these “D” riders are averaging B or A category numbers.

Sorry to say but this is nothing new. We have been asking Zwift to do something for many years.

Auto-Assign Race Categories?

There is currently a bit of traction but it is still a long way to go.

The real results is on Zwiftpower was created by a group of volunteers to try to make racing more fun and fair.


Hey @Mark_Cote :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Other games require you to practice and work hard to achieve results but with Zwift all you need to do is drop down a category or knock a few pounds off your weight and before you know it you too can enjoy that sense of pride and accomplishment of winning a race without actually having to work for it.


It’s common and annoying.

make sure you read the full ride description before signing up. not all events use the Cat A-D system in the same way. if main group was going at 4 w/kg then it’s unlikely you joined a Cat D ride.

there’s always some idiots that sign up way below their category then just blast it. your best bet is to ignore them and just find a group to ride with going at your pace. if the ride leader has no control over the group, quit and sign up to a different event, vast majority of events are organised and managed properly.
if you race, sign up to zwiftpower as mentioned, as results are filtered much more strictly there than in zwift itself. anyone riding out of category will be removed from final results.