Green Wall or Curtain?

Hey All, occasionally I’ll pedal through what appears to be a green wall or curtain. It doesn’t look like a glitch (it’s not flickering…) – it’s as if to designate that I’m entering a different world or region.

Anyone know what this is?



Hi Glen,

Those are the entrance to the Jungle and the Alpe. If the wall/curtain is green then you have high enough level to enter the area but if it is red then you are not on the right level and you can’t enter.

This is the entrance to the Jungle.

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Perfect! Thanks for solving this mystery!

Much obliged,



Happy to be of assistance.

Enjoy the Jungle, it is a very nice route one of my favorite routes.

It was one of my favorite routes, too…until Zwift added rolling resistance on dirt tracks. Now, it’s probably my least favorite.

How many Drops would it cost to pave that route? I’m sure many of us would chip in!


What a great idea Jim, and it opens up a whole world of wonderful trouble! How many drops for a new bike (in real life!) How many drops to replace the roof on the house? Let’s go!