Route progress bar glitch

I did a ride tonight on Jungle Circuit Reverse. When the hour was up, I turned out of the jungle to take a trip across the Epic KOM bypass. As I was climbing out of the jungle, I noticed that the progress bar was still counting down for Jungle Circuit Reverse. It hit 0, showing a full progress bar while I was on the bypass and stayed that way all the way until I ended my ride near the Downtown banner.

I would’ve expected the route progress to go away as soon as I made that manual turn to leave the jungle. Barring that, it should’ve cleared when it hit 0.

I’ve noticed this on a few other routes in watopia. I did the volcano flat course and turned off and the bar kept filling up until it hit 00% and then just stayed there at 100% for the rest of the ride.

Some even weirder (Zweirder?) behavior on a ride tonight…

I selected Tick Tock as my route for the start, but did a manual turn into the Titans Grove north entrance near the end of the lap of Tick Tock. The progress continued to count down for a bit, but instead of hitting 0 and staying there, (offhand, I don’t think it reached 0, but I wasn’t watching it at that point) it started counting up and up, reaching over 11000m displayed, then started counting down again. When I left Titans Grove at the south end and basically started another lap of Tick Tock, but from the bottom, it dropped to 0 and stayed there until I hit the Fuego Flats banner. Then it jumped to 2.0km remaining, with a mostly full progress bar, and started counting down. Then it started counting UP again. I took another turn into Titans Grove at the south entrance and the Tick Tock progress bar finally disappeared when I hit the KOM “banner.”