Greatest London Flat distance wrong

Having raised this directly with Zwift support and having had what I suspect was a form response, I thought I’d mention it here.

I ride the Greatest London Flat course regularly. It is listed with a distance of 15 miles, but it is actually closer to 15.75 miles in length. The distance remaining display counts down based on the stated 15 miles, but when you get to the last 0.2 miles and the display switches over to feet remaining, it shows around 5000 feet - nearly a mile - rather than the more usual 1000 or so feet. This makes judging the amount of effort to put in towards the end of the ride awkward.

I’ve not noticed similar errors on any other circuits; just on Greatest London Flat.

Hi Simon, thanks for reaching out!

There is a lead in of .3 miles before the route starts. This could be the cause of the length difference you have noticed.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns; we would be happy to assist in any way we can!

HI Alex,

Thank you for your reply.

But it isn’t the lead-in - the extra half mile or so is added at the end. The distance remaining is shown counting down as expected, but when it reaches 0.2 miles (which is 1056 ft), the display suddenly changes to show ~5000 ft, which is nearly a mile. On every other route I have ridden, when the distance to go reaches 0.2 miles, it drops to ~1000 ft. For some reason, on this route alone, at the point at which the distance changes from being displayed in miles to being displayed in feet, around 0.8 of a mile is added for no apparent reason.

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Can confirm that I experienced this weird switch in final countdown distance on that same route a few months ago, in a solo free ride, running Zwift in metric.
At the time I did nothing about it as I recalled it having been mentioned here a while back as yet another longstanding bug.

Here you go. Took a minute of googling.
See middle paragraph of OP: Route distance to go bug and route selection bug

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Thanks for reaching back out Simon, and for confirming that for me! Thank you Roule for providing another similar situation!
I understand your concern and have reached out about this on your behalf, if I learn anything more I will reach out with more information here!

Hi @Simon_Long1

Just to chime in here real quick, I’d previously reached out to the team regarding this issue and we got an official bug report in a few weeks ago as evidenced here.

The other one was for the Volcano Circuit route, so evidently this is happening on multiple routes. We’ve flagged this up so the developers are aware of all the details as they work towards a fix. Thanks!

Hey all, this bug has been fixed in Zwift game version 1.26 which just released. Please update at your earliest convenience and let us know that the distance is showing correctly. Thanks for your patience.

Hi, I used the course for both my Friday TFC Races (EU & UK) and several riders from both events advised that when they reached the finish barrier the course distance still showed 1.2 Km, several riders carried on but it didn’t finish when the distance reached zero. The Zwiftpower results look good but it did affect riders who were not sure of the course and were still waiting to wind up their sprint.
ZwiftPower - The Friday Criterium Summer Races (With Category Enforcement)
ZwiftPower - The Friday Criterium Summer Races (With Category Enforcement)
Any ideas on why this happened.

Hi @Alan_Wyers_Team_TFC

We’d want to see the game logs from those people who had this issue to get to the bottom of it. Please have them contact us and email their logs, as text files can’t be uploaded to this forum. It will be helpful if they reference the URL of your post and known issue COMP-5042.

All that said - were most others in your race seeing distances correctly, or was this problem rather widespread? If it was a small handful - I’d ask them to verify that they are using the latest Zwift game version. If they’re using mobile OS platforms (tvOS included) - it’s common for people to set their devices to not auto-update apps. If that’s the case here - it’s very possible they’re still on a version older than 1.26.

Thanks for the info, I’ll get in touch with the people who reported the issue and ask what version they were using and ask for log files if it was the latest…


Thanks for the reply and information.

It seems that the affected people were not using the latest version of Zwift.



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Appreciate you checking and looping back here to let everyone know.

Looks like this distance is still wrong for around 1.3km…today at WTRL TTT was obvious.
Any plans on fixing this?
@James_Zwift do you know a custom finish distance for 1 lap?
We are using this course on 1st Nov at VirtuSlo Tour Fight for GC - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Why would you use a custom distance when you could set it to one lap?

Is it because of the prime?

See the end of the TTT on Greatest London Flat. It ended 1.5km early.

@James_Zwift because the distance to the finish line is wrong. It will finish at the banner but it will show more than 1km to finish.


I have tested the distance for 1 Lap it’s exactly 31,040km.
The finish distance on the screen is misleading and it’s showing to 32,3km

This is still an issue. The distance countdown is wrong and the error adds up (+1.25km) with every lap.