Route distance to go bug and route selection bug

Since the last update I’ve noticed a couple of issues.

Firstly, when riding a route, the distance to go indicator is wrong, underestimating the distance that is left. It counts down to “0.3 km” left and then reverts to the actual distance to go and counts down correctly from there (in metres) to the finish. I’ve noticed this behaviour on Volcano Flat, Innsbruckring, and Greatest London Flat. On Greatest London Flat, it was showing “0.3 km” then reverted to 1600 m and counted down correctly from there.

Also, when selecting a route in Watopia, the scroll function has gone so I can only select from the routes that are showing on the section of menu that is displayed.

I’m using Zwift on a PC with the latest game update.

Me too. Win 8. Also when ending a session hitting the exit button brings be back to the desktop

Been flagged elsewhere but using a scroll wheel, clicking and dragging, or multi-touch gesture on a trackpad (hover over the list and use two fingers) all still work.

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