Graphics Error

(Mat Hamblin) #1

What is the go with the big black smear at the bottom of the screen post latest update?

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Sounds like you may be running an AMD/ATI graphics card.  Does it have the latest drivers?  You can check by following the instructions here:


(Vello Cow) #3

I have the same issue post the latest update. I am running NVIDIA Gforce 9400M with the latest updates and there is a big curved black area where my rider should be. All had been fine before the Zwift update loaded earlier today. BugFix?

(Marcus Durant) #4

Same here, the enire road slowly turns black. Dont think there are any newer drivers for my ati radeon HD5470 (5 years old)

Am trying suggested ATi driver download fix…

(Marcus Durant) #5

NO Joy, the ATI auto detect tool downloads a file that when i try to install, it tells me its for the wrong version of windows, check if i need x64 or x32. I have x64 obviously and the downloaded version is x64

Trying manual driver selection download

(Vello Cow) #6

Exactly what I am getting Marcus and I am on a Mac, so it looks like there is an issue with the update rather than the machine. Rather glad as I was going crazy trying to get it working.

(Marcus Durant) #7

Yeah, my laptop is in a right mess now, going to take some sorting out, ATI drivers are a real pain to remove properly and reinstall. But I can confirm, it’s still bad with what Windows7 thinks is the most upto date driver through device manager.

(Jon Mayfield) #8

Hey guys, so this update includes new grpahics code that is laying the foundations of major features coming up, and we put some into this update specifically to catch issues like this now rather than later.

To help us fix it, what we need are your “computersepcs.txt” files from Documents\Zwift\Logs if you’re on a Windows PC (just open up a support ticket and attach it and let us know this is for the black graphics bug), and Mac users what we’d want to know is your exact graphics chip and OS version. You can get that by clicking on “about this mac” from the apple icon at the top left.

The more information we get, the sooner we can fix it.  Sorry for the trouble - while we’re in BETA is the best time for us to implement some of these changes.  

(Jonathan Lemon) #9

Same issue seen here - MacBook Pro with a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB card.  Support ticket filed.

(Niels Godron) #10

Hi Jon, I have the AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB on an iMac 27 inch mid 2011, running OSX 10.9.5. It looks pretty terrible right now :slight_smile:

(Marcus Durant) #11

mine appears to be fixed now I have managed to do a clean install of 


dell studio 1558 radeon hd 5470 W7 x64

I’m not riding atm, just view only but frame rate looks pretty low.


maybe 2 or 3 frames per second

(Marcus Durant) #12

Forget that comment about frame rate, had to reset power plan settings after new driver install. it was on “save battery when not plugged in”

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #13

Hi Guys,

If you are experiencing this issue, please submit a support ticket with your computer specs file (or what Mac hardware you’re running) *and* a screenshot of the issue.


(Niels Godron) #14

Thanks Eric, I already did and got a quick respons from one of the support agents. Really appreciate the way you guys are handling this!

(Eddie Wang (C)) #15

I have the same problem(s).  the black spot on the screen and also slow frame refresh.  

macbook pro early 2011:

Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

OS 10.10.5

screenshot attached

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #16

Hi Eddie, best to submit a support ticket rather than just posting the screenshot here.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #17

The latest update should fix this. Please let me know if it doesn’t!

(Dirk Schildhauer - Wattbike) #18

(Eddie Wang (C)) #19

zwift looks good for me now. no big black spot

(Marcin Przybylski) #20

Hi guys, i have a problem with graphic. I just downloaded newest graphics drivers… anyone know whats happend?