Latest Update

(Mark Kotzen) #1

Hi Zwift

The latest update to zwift app does not work and causes the app to fail on log in

(Mark Kotzen) #2

I see others have had problems with AMD graphics card after recent update. I have AMD R9 200 series card.

Fix for MAC may have caused a problem with Windows PC.

Will try to log in with laptop.

(Ray Ruyack) #3

AMD R9 200 card here and no problems.  Be sure your drivers are up to date.  Drivers shows version 16.9.2 and Crimson for software edition.

(Dave Caswell) #4

I’m running an AMD A8 cpu based PC (built in R7 graphics) and that crashes on launch since the last update. It’s not AMD across the board as my FX6300/R9 280 system works fine…it’s just no where near the bike! I raised a ticket last night on this.

(Ray Ruyack) #5

As a rule, for me, I do not like on board graphics…  They’ll figure it out.

(Adam Puchalski) #6

I have an almost plain standard lenovo T550 and T540 (Intel Graphics on board) at my disposal - both of them unlucky.

As further investigation showed, the default intel win7 graphic drivers have some issue with the new ‘game’ version. An uninstall and new fresh install solved the issue for me.

(Dave Caswell) #7

Support gave me the heads up my problem was to do with the sound card. I actually had nothing plugged in on the PC I use and plugging a jack to jack cable in to the green socket (audio out normally) and fooling the PC into think it had headphones connected allowed Zwift to launch. Result.