Zwift app crash Ati Radeon 4800 HD

(Michal Kaminski) #1

Hello, I have issue with my PC. I launch zwift app wait about 1 minute and i see black screen and Zwift freeze up. I open zwift in other buissnes laptop with graphic intel 3000m and zwift work well. This realy strange problem becouse my Graphic Card (Ati radeon 4800) is better than in my laptop. Please tell me what I should doing with this problem.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Michal, have you tried grabbing the latest drivers from AMD for your card?  It’s more about how old drivers are than how old the graphics chip itself is.

(Michal Kaminski) #3

Yes i have the newest drivers to my graphic card. What i should doing ?

(Ruud Campsteijn) #4

I have the same problem: Zwift crashes on my desktop PC with ATI Radeon 4800 gfx card and the latest Windows 7 x64 drivers installed.

(Tom Lawton) #5

Same issue here with a 4850. I’ve been in touch with Zwift support but eventually was told that these cards are considered too old and advised to buy something newer.

I’m a little disappointed as, despite their age, these cards are actually far more powerful than the card I was recommended by Zwift support. They work fine with all the latest games I’ve tried on mine, and seem to support the minimum requirements of Zwift (OpenGL 3.1 I gather).

I imagine a lot of us are using older machines in our garages (I’ve personally upgraded to a new machine indoors which has left the old one turbo use) - as evidenced by the three of us in this thread.

If anyone else wants to use Zwift with an older AMD card please post here, perhaps it will help Zwift realise they’re missing out on custom by ignoring older cards.

(Jon Mayfield) #6

I’ll grab one off ebay and see what is going on.  The cards are almost 8 years old and while they are fast they may simply be missing some feature Zwift is assuming would exist.  Graphics tech can change a lot in this amount of time (8 years is a long time for tech).   Might be a simple work around, or might be not easily possible, but I’ll find out either way.

(Carlos Heil (IMLP 2018)) #7

Same thing here. I’m also getting an old clunker to be my Zwift machine. The card is *fast* enough for Zwift and as Tom mentioned works fine with other apps and games.

It would be great if you can make Zwift run on it.

(Predrag Hleb) #8

Same thing here. Win 8.1 x64, ATI 4870. Zwift can not start.

(Tom Lawton) #9

I’ve had an email from Zwift support to say they now have a card to test and (obviously) have managed to reproduce the crash. No news on a fix, but at least they’re looking into it.

(Tom Lawton) #10

Any news here? I’ve not heard anything despite being promised updates which probably means there aren’t any but you never know.

I’ve noticed that it no longer crashes instantly but lets me get a short way in before crashing exactly the same way. Not far enough to actually start a ride yet!

I assume Zwift have decided that most people are happy to take a modern PC (or now iOS portable) into their garage, or are turboing indoors. If you’re hoping to use an older ATI/AMD Radeon with Zwift please post here so it’s clear how much money they’re missing out on (hopefully enough to make it worthwhile fixing this!)

(Tibor Kiss) #11

Me too would hope to use Zwift with an ATI 4850, more precisely Asus EAH4850. I recognize it is an old hardware, but so far I’m happy with it, most of the games I get from Steam run just fine.

(Jason K) #12

Hey all, thanks for your patience while we looked into this.

The team found that this crash is due to a bug with the AMD drivers. As the card was made back in 2008 and AMD hasn’t released new drivers since Windows 8, we won’t be able to support this card. I’m sorry I don’t have better news!

If you have an iOS device, I’d recommend signing up for the beta on our website; or for a similarly straightforward experience, there’s always the Alienware Alpha. Finally, there are also a wide range of mid-range GPUs for very modest prices that will run Zwift pretty well.

We hope to see you online!