Graphics card update

Tried logging in to Zwift tonight, it tells me I need to update my graphics card, if help is needed contact zwift for support. Trying to contact Zwift is useless. Why do I need to update graphics card when yesterday it was ok.
I’m pissed and annoyed!!! Unhappy Zwifter :frowning:

What’s the GPU?

I had a similar issue after the last update.

I have an i5 - 6th gen… GTX 1650… 16Gb Ram… SSD etc and eventually found the issue was my output to the TV was set to 60hz (interlaced). I switched this to 60hz and it was fine.

If you have any issues try reading the “Files” section in (2) ZPCMR - Zwift PC Masters & Riders | Facebook There is a lot of very good information there.

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