Graphics above Ultra

Are there plans for an “above Ultra” graphics pack at some point? Or at least some options that could be enabled for users who have GPUs that can push the extra detail around without losing framerate or resoultion? 

E.g. better shadows and reflections/ higher poly models/ better lighting/ bump maps/ skin shaders (sweat!) etc?   

Yeah we’ll make more graphics improvements as time goes on. Zwifters as a whole bias quite heavily away from nice graphics cards so it is a much lower priority for us than a triple A title for PC Gamers, but we will be making constant improvements as the average capabilities of computers goes up over time.  

Having said that, we do admittedly spend most of our limited man hours working on features all will appreciate rather than visual stuff that is a bit less important in a training app like Zwift.  

Nothing wrong with the graphics now in my humble opinion. I would like to see more courses as a priority and things like group rides. 

Thanks Jon - I appreciate the response and understand the development priorities - anything that can be done though would be a nice bonus.  Ride On.