What I'd like to see

I’m not on Zwift yet because I don’t have a suitable computer.  New computer with Graphics Card is now on order purely to get onto Zwift, but I suspect I’m in a minority of people who will save up to buy a new computer just for this.  So in my opinion, a retro-looking UI for people without graphics cards or lots of memory / CPU would be nice.  I will be the only one of my friends with the necessary equipment when I have this.

Most cyclists are the perfect age to appreciate 2D Stick-Men on Stick-bikes for computer graphics :-).  Something like this:



Everyone will prefer the proper graphics if their computer can manage it, but this sort of thing would make it more inclusive for those that want to ride with their mates but don’t have the technology.

I think this is a poor idea, it takes away the uniqueness and draw of the solution. I would rather see investment go into other areas such as new courses

For people who are playing Zwift for the pretty graphics rather than for the cycling, they would still be able to use the pretty graphics.  For people who can’t afford a computer that is capable, but want to go cycling with their mates over the Internet - then why not have this graphics option?

If I was in charge, I’d do what I could to get as many people using it as possible.  This sort of thing tends to grow exponentially, so the more people that are on it, the more people that they introduce to it, who then bring their friends on to it, etc.  Then, when Zwift start charging, the more people on it, the more money, meaning more investment possible in everything (e.g. new courses).