Upgraded Graphics

When will you guys upgrade the graphics package.  I’d be willing to buy a better PC if you make it look better …

Then again maybe you should get rid of all the clutter on the screen first.  No sense hiding new pretty graphics under the 30 day PR list (–no data–). 

But still it seems like a time for some better graphics

Hey there, the graphics in Zwift will scale to your machine capabilities.  Your machine uses a 5-6 year old integrated graphics chip that fits our most basic graphics/performance profile.   On a ‘gaming machine’ you would see quite a different graphics experience.

Generally speaking we recommend a machine that has a dedicated graphics card. The cheapest I know of would be something like this:


It might be my imagination, but I think I’m seeing more “environmental detail” in the game since the last few updates - definitely feels like there’s more “stuff” to look at - birds, other animals, a person on a Vespa, pretty sure I saw a squirrel on a wall last night.  

But yes more graphics quality options would be nice at any time.   Maybe some more lighting effects with the bike lights in the dark/ when it rains?