Why ZWIFT handles new integrated graphics so badly? [April 22, 2024]

It’s incredibly frustrating that Zwift doesn’t seem to handle newer integrated graphics well. I got an AMD Radeon 780M which is quite a capable graphics unit, while only the basic graphics are available.

Is there really no way to change the graphic settings in the log files or somewhere else?

It would be great if @Zwift could prioritize updating their profiles to accommodate newer integrated graphics like the 780M. After all, it is just a software limitation not a hardware one. As a paying customer, it’s only fair to expect the best experience possible. So, here’s hoping Zwift takes notice and makes the necessary updates.
Or just give us options to choose like normal Games do it.

You can tweak a few of the graphics options but you can’t change the profile assigned to your GPU. Beware you may make the game unusable with some of these changes. I have no idea whether your GPU is capable of better visuals in Zwift, regardless of what it can do in other games.

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