Intel Arc A770M GPU - Please add to Ultra Profile! [August 2023]

Could this GPU be associated with the Ultra graphics profile rather than Basic as currently seems to be the case?

Alternatively - anyone know of a workaround to get the full Zwift experience through this chip? (I assume there is none such!)


May be of use…

Thank you! I’m 95% sure the graphics profile needs to be set by Zwift for each bit of graphics hardware.

I do wonder if there is a way to modify the basic.txt profile file to make things work like Ultra, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say that is possible? A simple swap of the Ultra file content into the Basic profile file, for starters, does not seem to do the trick.

"First, you can not unlock Ultra by changing the config files. "

So that’s that…

Correct; there’s no changing it anymore for some unknown reason.

You’ll have to bug support about it until they push it through an update.

What would be the most effective way to “bug” support? A chat session got me to someone who was going to put in something like a request, but that seems a bit indirect…

That’s the best way. It’ll need to be submitted for authorisation.

Hello @K_R1 , I’ve flagged this up at HQ and will make sure the A770M gets added to the Ultra graphics profile in a future build. Thank you for reaching out.

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Thanks much! I’ll look forward to it!

Thanks too. It’s a reallu good news. Do you have date of this release ?

v 1.48 includes this change. Up and running! :+1: :+1: