Grand Tour like setup and extra day for completion

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We have an 8 days long Grand Tour like setup for “in house” racing. Each stage for one day, 5 starting times. ZwiftPower is set up accordingly.

However, theneed raised to have an “extra day” after the finishing stage to allow people to complete the stages they could not becuase life happens. If I incorporate the extra day, all stages availble for the day, how should I change the league on ZP (if I have to change at all)?

Currently the set up is like on the pic, so 8 stages, best 8 to count, and “Name” to have GT like stage results. I believe I shouldn’t change the Best races from 8, as if somebody is missing (for example) stage 3, but does it on the extra day, it’ll still be counted into the 8, right? I simply have to add all extra stages from the extra day to the League events?

This is how i would setup a Tour…Races Allowed are how many it will count.
Best x Races to count is only when you want to discard a race from a series.

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Thanks, I’ll try. How often the league leaderboard is updated? It started today morning (6AM) and five starting time is available for the first stage (6AM/10AM/3PM/5PM/7PM). The leaderboard will update once all the starting times are finished for stage 1?

This is the screen I am waiting to be updated

You have to click Recalculate in settings…it will not autoupdate. I suggest you do it at least 2 times a day for your events.

Tried recalculate, after updated the settings, nothing happened :frowning: Also tried with my original settings, also nothing… sadpandaface

Interestingly, if I go from the events → selecting any event, I can pick the League name and find a result tehre, but not with GC timing…

While the “main” League page shows no result…

I have checked your League…all you races are with PEN E.
But there is no PEN E setup in your League

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You can fix this in Settings
Go to Cat 1 and rename Category 1 to E…and delete Cat 2 to 4 (B,C,D)

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Thank you! I’ve created a Cat E in settings now it works! I’m in your debt mate

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