Gran Fondo ride 18 February is not saved

Finished the C ride. Pressend OK. Looked after my showen on ZWIFT and STRAVA. Nothing saved. No jersey…

Same here, submitted a ticket. Looks like a lot Fondo series riders had trouble…

derek hodgins3690

Me also but can see my finishing time on Zwift Power

But not on Zwirt or Strava

Same here.

I finished the c ride all 30 miles and it is telling me I only did19 miles and was doing it for 1 hour 35 mins and only got 1 hour on activities it also told me at the end I had unlocked the jersey but went back on after and there was no jersey.

Debra have you down as finished in 55position in a time of 1hr 29m 19sec

Any answers yet anybody

Created a ticket. No solution yet. I uploaded the .fit file to STRAVA. Shows the entire ride. Very strange. Hope ZWIFT can find the solution. No manual upload possible…

I received an email saying there servers went down and they cannot credit me with the ride :frowning: Even though I completed it. But they are doing it again on the 25th.

Had an apology from zswift I could ride again on the 25th

I have done as Marius uploaded the ride from the file to Strava & can now view the entire event