GPX to Zwift Workout - Question and suggestion


Today I tried my first .gpx to Zwift Custom Workout.

Firstly, the idea was to translate my 48min ride to a 48min workout. As I have limited time to ride, I chose a short outdoor ride I do regularly on Strava for a short workout. However, I noticed the resultant workout was 59mins (I did not select warmup).

I could probably have lived with that, but then noticed roughly 30mins into my ride that it was telling me I still had 40mins to go! In the end I had to cut it short at 53min, with still around 20mins to go. By my calculations, that’s quite a bit more than 59mins…

What gives with the times???

Also, there was a ridiculous number of different power intervals, some as short as 6s, and I spent a lot of the time settling into a new power output only to have to change again immediately - or in some cases before I’d even settled - only to have it change again by just 20W. At 80% intensity factor, that’s just silly.

I should disclose here that I’m on a dumb trainer, and changing my power often requires changing gears.

Surely there’s some algorithm, even if driven by user parameters, that could average power intervals and produce a less varying workout? Maybe have the user specify a minimum power interval duration, and/or a delta power threshold that must be met in order to produce a different interval in the workout?

Yes I could manually create my workout but, well, didn’t we create computers in the first place to do all this tedious work for us?

Other than these niggly issues, I love the concept!

It is great that you got it to work. did you enter your correct FTP?

The website that you used I assume “” was not created by Zwift. It is a 3rd party software, It is run by fellow Zwift enthusiasts.

I would suggest contacting them with your suggestion. 

What you can do in the mean time is use that workout as a base to create a simplified version.

Yes computer was created to make life easier but someone has to write the program and figure out the algorithm to make it work.

Yes, FTP was correct. The workout was roughly the right intensity, just the wrong length!

Thanks for your response! I’ll follow it up with those concerned.