GPU still work

With the Intel UHD Graphics 630 still work of Zwift?

It’s still a supported GPU, yes. Though bear in mind that 10th and 11th gen Intel iGPUs have a long-standing crashing issue with Zwift.

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I was think about getting a Dell 9070 macro and running on the TV

You mean 7090 Micro?? Pay a bit extra and get the 12th Gen CPU

sorry its the 3070 with i5-9500T or the HP800 G5 with i7-9700

I wouldn’t pay much for it…my quick search showed $900-$2200 for the HP. I wouldn’t pay over $450 used. You cannot fit a gpu as far as I know.

For ~$1200 you could get the Dell micro 12th gen. And for that I can get a used system with a 1080 gpu on the local craigslist.

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$1200 (continued) or a HP Laptop with a 3060 from Costco (AMD 5800 cpu)…

its £400 used the HP 800

Don’t buy any of these.

Absolutely outrageous price.

I use a iMac at the min but what to use the TV in my room to wanted something small to do behide the TV

Define ‘small’. If it has to be the size of your hand, and you’re fine with literally the worst graphics possible, device connection restrictions and a rubbish input method, then just buy an Apple TV 4K. None of the systems you’ve mentioned will run the game any better, because they’re all restricted to integrated graphics and cannot be upgraded.

If a SFF desktop can be accomodated, then the Apple TV is a terrible value proposition compared to the PC options available - at a fraction of the price to buy and with an upgrade path to Ultra graphics.

PM me if you want.

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Your info hidden?

For ~$1200 you could get the Dell micro 12th gen.

Got a link? I’m looking for a pre-built system for $1000-1500. Mainly for Zwift (in ultra 4k mode) but I’d like to be able to run driving sims (iRacing, Assetto Corsa) competently on it too.

No GPUs for these systems: OptiPlex 7000 Micro Form Factor : OptiPlex Computers | Dell USA

OP was looking at Micro systems that do not have GPUs

For that use case you want something with an i5-12400F, 16GB of DDR4 and RTX 3060 or above. Don’t buy a big brand (HP, Dell, Lenovo etc) if you can help it, they’re almost always crap.

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Staggeringly offensive pricing.

Without even trying (I’m not in the US): MSI Codex R 12TC-047US Core i5 RTX 3060 Gaming Desktop - MSI-US Official Store

Note that I’m not saying this is a good price, I can’t be arsed checking the market. But it’s within your budget, and will run Zwift at 60fps in all circumstances - aside from Neokyo which is a joke. For Zwift alone it’s much too expensive (and I’d always recommend building your own anyway), but it’ll do those other games nicely.

Edit: probs do a build with those specs for around $1,000 yourself. As I say, this is miles overboard for Zwift before divs start claiming that’s what you need to spend. It’s not.

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Cool, thanks for the suggestion. I think I’d found something similar on Newegg last week for about $100 more. Definitely interested in doing things other than Zwift with it - I’m usually a console guy but I couldn’t even get a PS5 with a literal invitation from Sony and I could use a new PC anyway. I’m a Tech Person and could build one on my own, but (having not checked prices in detail yet) I’m wondering if it’d even save any money with component prices being silly right now? Just that RTX 3060 alone looks like it’s going for $500 and up.

Add a bit for fans and a wireless card etc if needed. Win10 key costs naff all.

NOTE: these specs aren’t needed for Zwift.

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