GTX 460 1GB does zwift work?

I’m going to build a new CPU just to play zwift and nothing else, I won’t need native 4k, because the screen in question is nothing but Full HD

I will have the following combo

CORE I5 3330s
16gb of ram
NVIDIA GTX460 1gb (But with modified bios saying it’s a 960GTX 4gb)
120gb NVME

Can I play well or should I go for a GTX750

Thanks for all reply

Neither, get a GTX 1050 Ti.


Dave will provide a more conclusive answer but…

That will work but it’s a weak setup. You’ll get a medium profile with that setup (might even be basic).

As a bare minimum you’ll need.

I3 4th gen.
8gb Ram
120gb Ssd
Gtx 960 gpu.

Dave has some fantastic guides and there’s a Facebook group dedicated to this.

Trust me the difference between basic and medium profile compared to the ultra is night and day.

I imagined that this GTX wouldn’t do it, as I got it as a gift from a friend who didn’t know the card was fake, it will be temporary until I get a more effectively stronger card like a 1050 or similar

My main machine would run without any problem, problem that all the time migrating a corsair obsidian 1000d case won’t work hahaha

In that case I have

ryzen 9 5900x
64gb 3200mhz ram
RTX3070 8gb

The problem is that if it successfully convinces Zwift that it’s actually a 960 it’ll try to run Ultra profile, which will tank hard on that GPU. :rofl:


Loads of fake gtx cards out there I’m afraid.

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True. Usually pretty easy to tell though, by presence of a VGA port.

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Exactly, I left it ready here, but I intend to migrate to a better one, if the game itself runs even on low it’s good and I ask additionally, which radeon gpu would be interesting if I choose?

On an old Mac I have a Radeon RX580 with 8GB which runs a Zwift quite well, so any of the newer and more powerful ones (there are many) should do. The Mac has a 6 core Xeon at 3.46ghz and 32GB ram and 2TB SSD.

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thanks for reporting my friend, this is of great help, so I don’t waste a kidney, because I won’t be using this equipment all the time

And video cards are still plenty of $$$.

exactly, when I built my current machine with an rtx 3070 I bought it right in the mining phase and then… I paid almost twice as much as normal

Don’t buy an AMD card for Zwift on Windows, it runs on OpenGL for which their drivers are tripe.

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