Considering buying a GTX750ti - will this do Zwift proud?

ive a weak HP workstation that I’ve pimped slightly. It’s got a dual core AMD processor.
It was running 4GB of ram and a Geforce405 at completely unplayable frame rates. I’ve since installed 8GB of ram and a spare NVidia 8800GT with a PSU running that via 6-pin as my PSU inside the machine only has Molex!

I can now play at reasonable FPS but I’m sure not on full quality or silky smooth FPS.

Looking at my task manager, my CPU Max’s out at only 60% and RAM stays around 30% so it looks like the only restriction is my old school 8800 GT?

Doing a bit of research it seems the GPU rating of a GTX750ti is huge in comparison plus it runs at such low power that it doesn’t even need a 6 pin PSU connector! Someone please tell me this will give me the amazing graphics and FPS that I’m after achieving on this setup.


I have a GTX 745 and it runs zwift great!

Good to know - thanks. I’m wondering if adding in a much superior GPU such as the 750ti will mean the load on my processor will also ramp up?

If not, I’ll likely take the plunge. It’s a bargain of a card for only £100 really.

I have both the 750i and 780i, and there is a noticeable difference. I would consider getting the 780i if you can.

Hmm. At £400, that’s a hefty price tag compared to £99 for the 750ti.

What differences are you seeing?

That is a big spread! I would go with the 750ti then. With the 780, you see less breakup (almost none) around the edges but what you don’t know you won’t miss!

Thanks for the advice.

Finger is hovering over the “buy” button!
I just need to decide which manufacturer to go with NVidia, Asus, MSI etc… Some of them are overclocked out of the box but I need to make sure they still get all their power directly from the PCI slot and not a 6 pin auxiliary from the PSU.

A 750Ti is gross, gross, gross overkill for this game unless they plan on massive graphics upgrades in the future. My mobile i3 with integrated HD3000 gives buttery smooth frame rates for this game. Even your 8800GT is beyond overkill. I would not waste the money if this is the only game you’re buying it for.

@Tyler…I suspect Zwift may be running at one of the lower quality graphics settings, thus your high framerates. 750ti should get you to the “High” setting, I think?

This is part of the problem, I can’t see what mine is running at but I do get choppy frame rates and no sunbeams or light at night so I guess I’m playing back at 25-30FPS and medium quality?

Is there any kind of Zwift config log I can check on while its running to see what I’m being presented with? The 8800GT isn’t supported anymore so I think it must lack while trying to playback more modern style graphics? This is all assumption by the way…

In \Document\Zwift\Logs, look at log.txt , it should say near the top.


Well according to my logs, I’m at basic graphics level. 1024x576 respluton and half that again for shading. FPS Fluctuates from 17-25.

Looks like the 8800GT can’t cope. 1920x1080 and over 30FPS is going to be a huge step up!

Maybe one of the Zwift guys can chime in to confirm/deny…I’m not sure that a 750ti will do the 1920x1080 you desire. I think it would do “High”, and I think that is 1280x720?

With 750ti, you can run 1920x1080 resolution.

That’s good to know. Didn’t realize it was auto setting graphics. I’ll have to try running on it on my gaming computer and see if it looks much better.

Hmm, I figured the 750ti would run in 1280x720 like my 570, as it has a lower Passmark score…

Im wondering how many levels of quality there is now?

I’m at basic and just about okay frame rates.
I’m guessing quality settings are;

All with varying FPS?

I stress tested my card with Heaven while attempting to overclock it and it bench tested a mere 11FPS at high quality. I then stupidly tested a GTX750 at work which tested 90FPS at Ultra quality.

Now I’m upset…

Wow. Wonder if there is some way to force my 570 into Ultra?

The log appears to run realtime and is time stamped. I notice I’m greeted with better quality for about 1 second before I’m stepped down to basic. Graphics and sound change during this process. I might try and force the quality up in the log just to see even a still frame at high quality will probably influence the purchase of a new GPU.

Check out Eric Min’s Strava/Instagram, his screenshots look quite nice!