GTX 1080Ti vs 980

(Mark Cane (C)) #1

I’m considering upgrading from my GTX 980 graphics card to a 1080Ti since graphic fidelity is very important for me.

Aside from an increased frame rate, what other benefits would I notice?  In other words, which 1080 specific features are supported?


(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #2

I tried the 1080 because I had one to try on hand. Switched back to a 980 because I saw no discernible difference on my dedicated Zwift machine. I run it on a 4K TV and it looks great. 

I would say the 1080 is overkill for Zwift right now, and buying video cards based on future needs is only for those who have the money to burn.




(Mark Cane (C)) #3

Thanks Matt.  When did you do the comparison?  The reason I ask is that the support for the 10X series of cards was only added to Zwift a few weeks ago.

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #4

I tested it last week. I have new laptop that has a 1080 integrated into it too. I’m going to test it tonight. (I run a software company, so I get all kinds of goodies, hehehe)…





(Mark Cane (C)) #5

Thanks, that’s good to know.  It’s also bad to know as I was hoping that it would unlock extra graphics detail, greater number of polygons, etc.  Shame!

I might still consider the purchase when the price comes down though as I could do with a higher frame rate given that I’ve increased the percentage of tree cover on Watopia.  Plus I use Tacx TTS4 which has more graphics detail and is hence not as smooth due to an apparent lower frame rate.

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #6

I had a 760 before the 980, and ran it at 1080p and I didn’t really notice too much of difference. It’s hard to tell because Zwift is tweaking the graphics all the time and it’s hard to say if the differences are due to additional capabilities of higher end GPU or if it’s just changes in Zwift. 

If money is no object, it’s always better to be faster, right???



(Mark Cane (C)) #7

I’d agree that Zwift are not fully utilising the capabilities of the cards.  The Unigine Valley demo runs at similar frame rates of 80-90+ and has far more detail rendered.  Maybe this is due to the fact that engine is (or maybe is) more advanced?  I’d read that it was too expensive to be used by games developers, unfortunately.

Of course, Zwift’s primary audience is not your typical gamer with a high end PC/GPU, so graphics will not be the most important thing.

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #8

I wouldn’t upgrade for Zwift!?  For other gaming I could and for my VR gaming. (I have 3 times in the last year).

Here’s my situation with Zwift.  I have a highi end fast machine with 1080 and was using zwift. My computer is in the kitchen area (seating area) and my wife wanted my bike out of here.  I agree.

I moved it downstairs (my bike) and needed another worthy computer to run Zwift. (I have around 5 PC’s here but either they have oudated graphics or 32 bit OS). 

I was given a cheap machine last week that had low specs. HOWEVER it had a slow 2dual core… and 2gb ram. I just upgraded the ram from 2 to 4 gb yesterday (21.00) and I disabled the lousy on board nVidia 6100 graphics and installed a cheapo 99.00  mini R7  ? I think it was.  with 1GB video ram. These were the cheapest items I could fit that fit minimum specs. 

I installed 64bit win7 (10.00) and upgraded. Last night I had it all working downstairs on the big TV.   HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

WORRIED about graphics… I saw no difference in them on this setup compared to my 5000.00 PC and monitors in the kitchen seating area with a 2 mo old 1080. and latest greatest everything.  So no - don’t unless you want it for other games that have higher specs.  Even my FPS were not noticably different.   Save your money.


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #9

I “downgraded” from a 22" 1080p monitor to a 42" plasma. so my graphics are not as crisp but having a big screen makes up for it.


When im training hard or racing in the basement  I cant see the difference between a butterfly,a rock or a Flower… my eyes is glued on those power numbers.


When im just watching guys riding I do it in my Study on my gaming PC there i can look at the butterflies or spot the odd Disk wheel. 

(Mark Cane (C)) #10

The resolution of the display is not the key here. The graphics card determines the accuracy of the 3D model built in the virtual world. The more advanced it is the better the model and the physics will be. Eg :Real time shadows, lighting, etc.

A higher resolution will just enable a more accurate version of that model to be displayed but has no bearing on the model itself.

(Ron Kramer AGE:60) #11

AMEN ON THAT - the numbers.  Or once in a while a cute pony tail goes by :wink: