Considering buying a GTX750ti - will this do Zwift proud?

Ok, I just got Zwift to run in Ultra, and the different between High and Ultra is remarkable. I usually resize the Zwift window to be small in the corner of the monitor and watch TV in another corner, but today I just watched the island scenery go by.

Interesting! How did you manage that and what FPS did you achieve?

What are your system specs?

I’ve found a local shop selling the 2GB EVGA overclocked 750ti.

In \Zwift\data\configs, I changed the contents of high.txt to be a clone of ultra.txt. CPU is a Q9650, 8gb, GTX 570. 30fps at the lowest, up to 50fps in the section after the green sprint point where there are fewer trees.

Well I’m now the proud owner of a 2GB EVGA GTX750ti overclocked.

A few driver updates later and all seems amazing compared to what I used to get. I now get proper textures, the torch at night and loads more plants/trees etc but the log says I’m only 1280x720 running in high mode? I’m completely locked to 30fps too so it’s nice to not have that fluctuate.

Is ultra 1980x1080? I think I’ll play with the GeForce experience and see if that helps bump it up. Failing that, I’ll amend the log and test some more.

I’ve got to say I’m actually really pleased with the upgrade so far anyway. Anymore is going to look the absolute business!

Yeah, Ultra is 1920x1080. Try it, it looks really good. You can see the stitches between the jersey pockets.

My GTX 745 runs Zwift in hi mode. I have tested bumping it up to ultra and it will run as well. Is there any danger of me leaving it in ultra? My card won’t blow up or anything will it?

When I run in ultra mode with GTX 750i, the graphics is not as smooth on my 40" TV. My FPS is noticeably reduced.

I amended the High config to Ultra specs and kept an eye on FPS and GPUZ which monitors the stresses. Q Min’s results are echoed. I found that running in High, my FPS never deviates from 30 and GPUZ also shows renders run a modest 70-80% of the buffer. Clock doesn’t max and temp is a mere 45-50degC.

If I crank it to ultra mode, for me, the level of extra detail isn’t worth it. FPS starts to fluctuate around 21-25 as the render buffer maxes out. Temp goes up as does generally everything else. Since my card is overclocked by EVGA, I don’t really fancy pushing it further or even running it full tilt for potentially hours on end.

Don’t forget, I’m running this card right off the PCI slot so my options were limited.

So to summarise, I’ve gone up from basic to high display settings and can sustain a higher stable frame rate. That’s a huge jump up for very little investment. I’m also favouring this GPU for editing too so it’s a double bonus.

Looking forward to logging several hundred more miles now! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for their input.

I tried a GT 730 which is the minimum recommended and was locked in as 1280x1024. I upgraded to a GTX970 and get full performance now, well worth it!

I’ve read through the comments here, and I’m still not sure if the NVIDIA GTX 750ti will run Zwift at 1080p and 60 frames per second.  Can anyone confirm that?  


I’m building a new computer to run Zwift, and I like the GTX750ti.  Great bang for the buck card at $110.  But if I need to spend a little more to get 1080p and 60 fps, I’d like to know before I buy.  

Rick, I think you’d get 15-25fps with a 750ti. I have an R9 380, which is supposedly faster than a GTX 960, and I don’t even get a constant 60fps. 

Mark is close. Actually as if yesterday I’ve been testing again with mine since various updates and manual changes to the config file before these options were in the user menu. 

On a fresh install, Zwift puts me at 720p but if Imanually select 1080p and run an aggressive cooling profile on my EVGA SC card, I can just about get 28-30 FPS.

other nvidia settings changes may need to be configured too.

Further info. 

Since switching to Richmond,  GPU load is way less. Probably because Richmond lacks the textures of the other courses. I can easily achieve 35FPS at 80% of myGPU on Richmond.


Having said all that, for an extra £40 I’d get a GTX960 over the 750ti now.

I have the GTX960 and run ultra near 50 fps


The guys have obviously done some fettling as my GTX750Ti now runs without any frame dropping or slowing. Pretty much holds a steady 35+