Horrendous performance on £700 GPU

Is this really acceptable on a 3060Ti?

FPS performance on Zwift is terrible compared to any other modern title, but with recent updates it is now really taking the biscuit.

(N.B. the CPU is old, but actually performs much better than the vast majority of newer generations due to it’s single core capabilities, it also has a big OC applied).

Makuri Islands is always massively CPU bound for no apparent reason. Add the extra lag on the most recent updates and you get this tripe.

Good luck.

Has anyone from Zwift HQ ever replied to any of your numerous posts about this @Dave_ZPCMR? Have they at least confirmed they know about it?



To unlock the power of that GPU on zwift you would need to upgrade to a 12th Gen Processor, 12100 for zwift only or 12400 if you play other games. As Dave says zwift is CPU bound and the IPC of your chip even overclocked will be holding you back.

I’m aware of that, but that’s not really the point - I shouldn’t have to.

Firstly - this wasn’t such a problem a month a go. Secondly - this chip still outperforms the vast majority of later generations in Zwift, so if it was a 10th gen i5 it would have the same issue. Thirdly - 12th gen came out a couple of months ago, if we need a 12th gen CPU to hit 60FPS with a 3060TI why doesn’t Zwift look like WatchDogs Legion in Ultra with ray tracing, which would also get 60fps on this set up?

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imagine paying £700 for a 3060 Ti XD

also that CPU is trash tier and is going to MASSIVELY bottleneck that GPU


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You know nothing

i have a feeling that gpu probably paid for itself mate

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