Help with Ryzen CPU

Hi everybody,
I just wanted to know, if there is anything I can do, so that Zwift uses my Ryzen 5 4500 CPU more (not the 5 4500U version). While riding the CPU gets used by about 15% and my GPU ( GTX 1660 super ventus xs oc 6gb vram.) 95% to 99%. I know that is, because Zwift calculations arent efficiently used by all cores and are performed at less cores but with high velocity in ghz. Anyway it would be great, if someone could help me out.

It sounds like the usual behaviour, sorry. Zwift will likely just max out a single core and there’s nothing that you can do to make it use more.

Ok thank you very much. Do you think that it is worth a try to ask Zwiftworkers, if they could change anything about the game, because I think that I am not the only one with this problem?

It’s already been raised plenty of times with Zwift in the past, because this isn’t a new issue, and as CPUs continue to get faster much more in terms of number of cores vs single-core performance then this likely to increasingly be a bottleneck.

Ok and why arent they changing it? Because this means that most of the people have get a new PC (Zwift PCs are good for Zwift, but unuseful for Videogames.)

Your issue here is you are letting your GPU run to as high of a framerate as possible; Zwift doesn’t offer vsync or a frame limiter.

Open your GPU software and set a vsync for Zwift, or a frame rate limiter.
At that point you’ll see your GPU consumption drop.

I wouldn’t expect Zwift to go multicore anytime soon; not sure what purpose it would serve anyways, other than a headache for the devs.

This is completely standard throughout the industry; very little software is “decent” let alone “reasonable” at being multicore to begin with. Video games across the industry alone are only barely reaching into multicore capabilities, and even those capabilities are… still 90% single threaded.

Ok, thanks. I already had every option you said turned on in the Nvidia Control Panel. Do you think that there is anything else I can do?

Are you observing performance problems in Zwift, or just want to see the CPU better utilized? What does say about how it’s doing in terms of frame rates? If performance is acceptable, just accept that Zwift has some limitations and go for a ride.

Yea its acceptable (already have been using Zwiftalizer), but only if you look at the stats, because in game when I am riding up a hill the frame or camera view goes up and down (it is stuttering) and sometimes this happens also when I am riding on a flat road. Should I overclock my CPU?

But thanks again for trying to help me out!!

I don’t know about overclocking that CPU, but you probably do have some faster CPU options. Good question for the ZPCMR group on Facebook, where the advice you get will probably be based on value. If you go there, be sure to say which motherboard you have as well.

Ok then I have to live with that, because I am not looking forward to buy new things. Thank you.