GPS - Off while at home

I dont want my home location used when I use Zwift. What settings can I use to that my home GPS is not shown I am using the Wahoo Blue SC . Please kindly let me know what settings to use for this with Zwift Thanks


The Wahoo Blue SC is a speed and cadence sensor and knows nothing about your location. Unless you are recording your Zwift rides to a GPS head unit nothing about your actual location will be recorded, only the location where Zwift thinks you are (Watopia, London, Paris, etc.).


Hi @Issac_Abraham welcome to Zwift forums.
What computer OS are you using to run the Zwift game app? If it’s Android, you’ll be prompted during the installation to grant permissions to your device’s Location. Is it possible this is what you’re concerned about?

In Android, the ability for an app to use the Bluetooth radio is tied (very confusingly) to Locations services. If you don’t allow Locations permissions, the Zwift app will not be able to use Blueteooth, which in turns means it can’t see your Wahoo sensor.

this has annoyed me, too. i usually leave bluetooth off, and location services is ALWAYS off on my phone. i didn’t realize it was asking for location services to be turned on in order to connect via bluetooth.

one thing you might be able to do (this just occurred to me, haven’t tried it yet) would be to put your phone in airplane mode and then enable location services – that way, theoretically your location data wouldn’t be sent anywhere, but you could still pair with the trainer and do a calibration.