Google Pixel / Milestone Pod

(Brian O'Connor) #1

Unclear if this is a Google Pixel related issue (I’ve heard that the Bluetooth on the phone generally is unreliable) or something with Android Zwift Beta.


When pairing a new Milestone Pod with Zwift, the connection is very spotty.  It takes a while for it to pick up that I’ve started moving, and occasionally if I stop walking altogether, Zwift continues to report that I’m going at the same speed from before I stopped.  Ie, if I’m going at 4.1mph and then I stop walking, my avatar on Zwift continues to go at 4.1mph until I start moving again.


It also takes a very long time for the phone to find the Milestone Pod when on the game launch screen.


These issues don’t appear to be problematic on and older generation iPad.


Zwift reports this version on the opening screen: 1.0.27916

(Vincent W.) #2

Update: This is a confirmed bug by our Quality Assurance department. When we receive new information on any fixes we’ll let you all know! 


This could be an issue with Zwift, and we’re currently testing for it, but just in case try troubleshooting with our Milestone Troubleshoot FAQ if you have the time. It’s best we try an eliminate as many factors as we can. I’ll update you as soon as I receive more information!