MileStone Pod not pairing

HI , I have bought a milestone POD to use with my Zwift android. The pod syncs fine with my Huawei MediaPad M3/Lite using the Milestone app, but Zwift can’t find the device in the pairing screen. I’ve made sure that the milestone app wasn’t running, and rebooted the Huawei many times. Any ideas how to make it find the pod. My Zwift android works fine with my TACX Flux and vortex

I had the same problem with the Milestone on both my Galaxy S8 phone and Galaxy Tab S2 a couple months ago so I returned the Milestone (Amazon). Zwift runs great on both the phone and tablet. I purchased the “new” Zwift RunPod directly from Zwift. It arrived yesterday (29Nov18). It has the same problem. Phone and tablet both connect with the RunPod via Bluetooth but Zwift just searches and does not see them.

Same here, bought the milestone pod to use with zwift especially as zwift has acquired milestone. I thought it would be easy to do but cannot find anyway to use it.
Can the zwift staff give us any info on this?

Mine won’t pair most of the time either… and the few times it does pair, it drops out after a couple of minutes… I’ve given up on running on zwift.

Ya just got mine and mine doesn’t pair with my pixel, it just never shows up. I grabbed an ipad and it paired immediately so it clearly is something with the phone connect. If I just try and pair the phone directly it immediatly sees the runpod so it seems like an app problem

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To clarify mine is a zwiftpod ordered from zwift not a milestone. I know zwift bought milestone so the differences are minimal but throwing it out there.

Mine is a Milestonepod, it does show up, I click on connect, but it won’t show the pace or something like that. It only worked one time so far in the 10+ times I tried… getting fed up with it…

So I installed the new update this morning before trying again(dec 1 update) and now it seems to work.

Thanks for the comments on this thread. I also raised a ticket with support who have been having a conversation with me in the backgound, mine still does not work even since the update but , FYI my latest response from zwift was

"We do have a bug at the moment that is causing the milestone to take a longer time to connect to the Zwift App when using an Android device. So you might have to be a bit patient with it before it shows up. Do you mind waiting a few minutes and seeing if it eventually pops up?

It also might be connected to another app that you could have running. I know you said that you have closed your Milestone App, but is it possible to close all other apps that are running just to make sure the Milestone isn’t connecting to anything else?

We are trying to fix the issues we are having with the Milestone, and this slow connection speed is something we hope to have fixed soon!"

I always close all apps, no other app besides the Milestone app has been connected to it, so it isn’t connected to any other app. And I do sometimes see it pop up in Zwift, I click on connect, it says it’s connected, but no speed on Zwift…


I’ve owned a Milestone pod for nearly a year (well before they were bought up), & bought it to run on Zwift before I ever started cycling on here.

I run using iPad air 2/ iPhone 7 & 8 (obviously this is iOS is not android) but it has never worked reliably at all. About 1 in 10 runs it will show any movement, although i pairs fine, just shows zero movement.

I’ve been in contact with support & been through all the processes of battery out, make sure it’s not paired to something else, start pod running before joining Zwift so it broadcasts etc etc etc blah blah, but I have to say with little luck as stated above.

I now just use the treadmills in-built BT belt speed output TBH for running on Zwift.

The Milestone pod records my runs fine in their own app, or in Garmin connect if I pair to my FR935, but it’s useless on Zwift up to present IMHO. Sorry this doesn’t help you I know, but don’t hold your breath on a fix I’ve waited over 6 months so far :frowning:

I’ve actually decided to buy a Stryd as my main event is running, but this again is not a solution to ‘Milestone Pod-gate’:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I updated my MilestonePod to the latest firmware, which came out yesterday. It now says its V3. The pairing works now and I can run in Zwift.

Although my avatar doesnt adjust well to the pace variations and it even keeps running when I m already stopped… but hey… it’s progress I guess?

Thanks Pieter I did have an update waiting which I did but this made no difference, zwift still will not find the pod. I did download another app called Arcade Fitness which s similar to zwift, Milestonepod works with this so it’s not the pod or my device. Must be embarrassing for zwift that it’s competitors can make the zwift pod work where they themselves can’t.

I hope this helps on the pairing issue. The pod wouldn’t pair for me yesterday and here’s what I did:

Go to phone’s bluetooth settings, and check if the Milestone pod is shown in the paired devices list. Unpair it and run Zwift again.


Oh my god!!! Ive been trying this for hours… And you Nadia finally solved it for me!!! Sweeeeet. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Nadia thanks, fixed it. Zwift should give you a job

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Just as a head’s up to all who still might have issues, you can’t connect a BLE device to more than one device (or app) at a time. So you can’t run the MilestonePod app AND Zwift Companion at the same time, it will drop out from one or the other. Close the MilestonePod app and only use Zwift.

If you are connecting to your computer’s bluetooth (which I haven’t tried yet), then don’t also try to connect it to your phone simultaneously. It is a limitation of BLE, and why I don’t understand why ANT+ isn’t the preferred solution still (phone manufacturers won’t pay the license $ to activate the existing ANT+ capability in their chips).

Another MilestonePod tip (I’ve been using it for nearly a year on Zwift), if it won’t pair or your avatar is stuck at a random pace, pull the battery, wait 30 seconds, pop it back in, and re-pair.

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Will it pair to a fenix3 for nonzwift use? My watch can’t seem to find it.

While this thread is getting old, it’s still the most relevant one I could find for Android pairing. After days of trying to resolve my pairing issue, I resorted to downloading the now obsolete milestone app to see if í could force a firmware update. The first thing it asked me to do was turn location on in my phone settings (I regularly switch it off). Straight back into Swift to test if this was the issue and I paired within seconds. Hopefully this helps!