Giro de Rigo disappearing riders

I wanted to do the Giro de Rigo with a buddy and while we both did the same route and event, he was only on my screen maybe 3 times in 2 hours. Lots of other people in the chat reporting the same thing. People dropping in and out, draft disappearing etc.

It was a pity as we were psyched to ride it together at the beginning.

After 2 minutes the ride crashed and my ride was over :confused:. This seems to be happening a lot with big/ popular events.

Big events put a lot of strain on your Zwift device. Zwift need a descent device to handle the graphics of big groups.

And what is the definition of a ‘decent’ device? :sunglasses:

I would say at least this. Zwift should update there system requirements especially now that we will start seeing Huge group rides.

It’s really misleading, that table. As you well know. :wink:

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O yes I know.

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So where does the latest Apple TV 4K end up on that chart

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I would like to know too. I also have a Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4K should be fine. But how good your internet connection is comes into it too.

My ride crashed out on the start line, along with many other riders!

I was on a Garmin ride the other day and i had the same thing. I rode for an hour mostly on my own, i would see people in the distance sporadically but they would disappear before i could catch them. There were 800 riders apparently and i’m not sure what went wrong.