Tour for All glitch

I’ve been Zwifting for a few months now and have had “connectivity” issues twice - both during Tour for All rides recently. On Stage 2 group ride I had intermittent drop outs through the ride where other riders would disappear for a few seconds, then come back. The ride didn’t save properly so I didn’t get credit. Submitted a ticket to support, but had nothing other than the acknowledgement.

Then today, Stage 5 race I gave up because I couldn’t see other riders from the start. The odd thing is I did a warm up ride before joining the race start line, which was fine. Joined the race with 5 mins to go and there was just me showing on the line - none of the other 100 or so riders showing. Thought they’d come back, but 2 mins into the race and there was still just me showing so I quit (I was showing as a placing in the race so other riders were “there” but invisible to me). Started a normal ride in Watopia and again, everything was fine.

So I don’t think this is a simple internet connectivity issue and it seems odd that the only two times I’ve had these apparent connectivity issues has been with Tour for All events. I do other group rides without any issues.

I run Zwift on an Apple tv if that makes any difference.

Not seeing other riders is usually a sign of internet dropouts. But it seem like you are getting issues when there is a lot of activity on the screen.

check that your ATV is not overheating or overloaded. A restart of the ATV before every ride is suggested.


Internet is fine, I’m sure of that. Apple tv is also fine on every other event and ride and I’ve done other events with hundreds of riders. Seems odd that it instantly had issues at the start of the event with only 100 riders, but was fine before and after when I did normal rides.

There are plenty of other users with the same issue, both on this forum as well as on Zwift Power forum.

Most common answer is “connectivity”, with “it happens during large events” tightly behind it.

Those answers come from other users tough, as I didn’t saw any reply from Zwift (opened a ticket 1 week ago).

I stopped doing races as it’s quite frustrating to me to do a virtual race just to discover it doesn’t get recognized, but it’s my personal attitude.

Since nobody knows for sure, I think that the best way to move on is to participate in large events just if you are ready to accept your race not being recognized, otherwise do something else while sooner or later will become clear what is happening and why.

This wasn’t a particularly large event though.

One thing I’ve not been doing is a restart on the apple tv so I guess I’ll start doing that if it really is necessary.

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