El Giro de Rigo - Apple TV crash

On 15th of November I subscribed twice the El Giro de Rigo! The first time it was at 8:05 am, in D Class. My AppleTv Zwift app crashed at 25.5 kms and I’ve lost my activity. I became upset and I’ve subscribed another event of the El Giro de Rigo at 5:10 pm, in the same class. I finished the event and when I was saving the activity, my app crashed again and I lost all my activity. I worked hard to do it and I have print screens that prove that I’ve done it. Can you fix the situation? Zwift does not recognize my activity as the El Giro de Rigo event!! The time spent on the activity is incorrect, too. I did not received the reward of complete the event, but a lot of e-mails congratulating me as I completed it. Can someone help me?

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I had similar. Rigo’s event crashed after16mins, and Eric Min’s thanksgiving Day ride yesterday after 47mins ride. I m very dissapointed about this two issues, because this is an paied service of zwift. :((( I m not sure but maybe these issues are because 1000 and 3000 connected riders are in these events. But. I had 1000/20 internet, and brand new tplink router, and i had internet both case."