Ghost rider?

I did the Hill Climbing thing on Sgurr yesterday, and during the race I was chasing a rider who I could see in the list on the right hand side. I started wondering why his time difference to me was shifting in an odd way - first 1 second ahead, then three seconds, then zero seconds - but the really strange thing was that I couldn’t see his avatar nor his dot on the minimap. So I was basically chasing a ghost.

He wasn’t wearing a HRM, so even if there was some sort of cheating involved, he won’t bother anyone on ZP, but he is listed in Companion as the winner of the B race, so I was wondering if this is just me missing something.

I have a recording of the race in which you can even see on the right hand side of the screen that this K.Zup finishes and gets a PR without having been visible throughout the race.

Where in the race did this happen?

I guess the whole race, but his name only became visible to me on the back half of the climb as I passed other riders. His name acted almost as you’d expect on the list of riders’ times, only there was no avatar and no green dot. I can send you the YT link if you want

You only noticed it on the second climb?

Sgurr North.

(I didn’t see it on Hilly KOM)

Yeah, send me the video please.

Forgive my stupidity. But how do I do that? Can’t post it here.

You could find me @MrPedel on YT. Latest vid released.

Drop the link to

You have mail.