Glitchy Makuri Island-3R Tuesday Night Race Club - Race2 Flatland Loop 3 Laps 39 km

Hi Zwift support,

I raced in the A Cat race this evening. During the race there were quite a few Avatars that dissappeared and then reappeared during the race. Some where never visible to me.
In the final sprint there were 3 racers that finished ahead of me. During the final 2km their avatars are not visible and their names don¨t appear on the right side of the screen with the rest of the racers. I have it on my stream if you need to see it
Just wandering if it is a problem with the new Makuri Island world. It might be worth investigating. It¨s no fun sprinting against ghosts :smile:

Best regards,

Marcel Moesgaard

Hi @Marcel_Moesgaard_DZR, most of the time when avatars are disappearing the cause is a spotty internet connection on your end, not a bug. You may want to check your wifi, restart the router/modem, and see of that clears it up.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your answer. I have done 300 races and I am aware that an unstable internet connection can cause avatars to disappear. Usually when it is an unstable connection all avatars disappear. My connection is very stable and I was not the only one in the race experiencing the issue.
I had teammates in the race that experienced the same and other racers also commented about the issue.
This is what makes me suspect that it could be a problem with the new world Makuri Island and that it might be worth investigating.

Best regards,


Perhaps the “ghost” riders had the spotty internet.