Glitchy Makuri Island-3R Tuesday Night Race Club - Race2 Flatland Loop 3 Laps 39 km

Hi Zwift support,

I raced in the A Cat race this evening. During the race there were quite a few Avatars that dissappeared and then reappeared during the race. Some where never visible to me.
In the final sprint there were 3 racers that finished ahead of me. During the final 2km their avatars are not visible and their names don¨t appear on the right side of the screen with the rest of the racers. I have it on my stream if you need to see it
Just wandering if it is a problem with the new Makuri Island world. It might be worth investigating. It¨s no fun sprinting against ghosts :smile:

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Marcel Moesgaard

Hi @Marcel_Moesgaard_DZR, most of the time when avatars are disappearing the cause is a spotty internet connection on your end, not a bug. You may want to check your wifi, restart the router/modem, and see of that clears it up.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your answer. I have done 300 races and I am aware that an unstable internet connection can cause avatars to disappear. Usually when it is an unstable connection all avatars disappear. My connection is very stable and I was not the only one in the race experiencing the issue.
I had teammates in the race that experienced the same and other racers also commented about the issue.
This is what makes me suspect that it could be a problem with the new world Makuri Island and that it might be worth investigating.

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Perhaps the “ghost” riders had the spotty internet.


Hi Shooj,

I am writing directly to you ad I haven’t received an answer to my topic from June 8th.
It is regarding a 3R race I did on Makuri where some Avatars dissapeared and reappeared during the race. If you watch my livestream from that race you will see that two Riders who finished i front of me on the results weren’t anywhere to be seen on my screen.
It makes it difficult to race when it is against ghosts.

Some of my teammates from DZR did the Fusion Thursday race on Makuri this evening have just had the same Experience og not being able to see the top three Riders from the results or each other.

If you watch the final sprint you will see that the two who finish in front of me on the results are not visible on my screen.

If you need a link to my stream please let me know.


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Have you been able to reproduce this glitch, or was it a one time thing?

It happened in my race on June 8th and I also experienced it in a race on Makuri Juli 4th.
And as I wrote my teammates did a race on Makuri this evening where they experienced the same thing.
The race on the 4th I experienced a rider whose name was on the Leaderboard on the right side of the screen however he was not visible to me at times and suddenly he then reappeared. It did not look or feel like he had a bad internet connection, because we could still see his time gap and at times the other Racers could see him when I couldn’t.

One of my teammates who was streaming the race this evening could see our other teammates, but they could not see him in the final sprint. They were also suprised to that three people had finished in front of them as they had no idea that they were in the race and had not seen them.

Hi @Marcel_Moesgaard_DZR and @shooj

It might not be the same thing, but this does sound somewhat similar to what I’ve had happen in a couple meet-ups and once in a group ride; one person becomes invisible on my screen but I can still see their name/time gap (the latter of which sometimes jumps around massively). The most recent time this happened, two other people in the meet-up had a rider vanish on their screens too, but not the one invisible on mine.

Only had this happen in Makuri so far, as recently as last week. A couple other people have noticed it on group rides, there is a thread somewhere. Unsure of any other instances of this happening in races.

Hope this helps, let me know if any more info is useful :slight_smile: