Phantom arches appearing during workouts

I did a workout in Makuri Islands this morning and I kept seeing interval banners appearing momentarily where they shouldn’t have done. Probably about half of the workout sectors had these phantom arches, which always only appeared for a few seconds and always disappeared before I reached them. Didn’t materially affect my session, but it’s a glitch for sure!

Were they at intersections/junctions? There are quite a few on Makuri, and my experience in other worlds is that the arch doesn’t seem to know what route you are on and will show up on the wrong stretch of road until you get closer to the turns, then it jumps to the correct spot on the map.


Thanks for the report. Your session this morning was on the previous game version 1.15.1 (1.0.75994), and I’m noting that because 1.16.0 released just minutes ago. I’m not convinced that upgrading to 1.16.0 will help.

Is this something you’ve noticed before? Does it happen during workouts in other worlds or just Makuri Islands? Makuri is a little more graphics-intensive than other worlds FYI, so this may explain the glitches.

  1. I’m curious what sort of graphics processor your computer has.
  2. Curious also how many monitors your computers has in total. If you have more than one, would disconnecting “extra” monitors ease the workload on your GPU?

Yes it happens in NYC as well.


I’d not noticed it before.
I’m not sufficiently technical to really know what graphics card my PC has got. I’m running Zwift on a 4-year old Lenovo laptop, without any extra screens…

Thanks for the video links. Did you also observe this on your own PC while your friend was streaming what he was seeing?

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Yes I also experienced this. I was on a different workout so I saw it at different times.

I’ve started a ticket to try and reproduce the conditions that led to this. Thanks both, and as always, the video helps a ton.


99% of all my rides are recorded either from my of another point of view. Makes finding things like this easy.

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I see a phantom arch on tik-tok most of the time when doing workouts. It appears right after the turn to titans grow. Stays until almost there. Then goes away. To be replaced a bit later by the correct one. Is sort of a teaser ‘you are done with your segment in a less than 30 seconds …. Haha got you!!! You still have 3 minutes to go’. Mean!!! :grinning: