Run Pathing

I noticed on my last few runs that the pathing my avatar takes along the road was zig-zagging constantly even when running by myself. I did the True Hilly workout on Sunday in New York and there were no bikes and I was running by myself for most of it and I still was all over the road back and forth for the entire workout.

Not just you, I also noticed a bit of that recently.
On the True Tempo run I was crossing a bridge and was zig zagging constantly. Was a bit disorientating nearly fell off my treadmill.

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Same here. Not done a solo run of late but was definitely doing it in the true tempo workouts.


@Fez_Rockbottom @Jim_Belch @Stuart.Middlecoate
Thanks all for flagging this up. I looked into your most recent runs - and you’re all on the latest version 1.0.61590. All three on different OS platforms.

I’ll forward this to our QA teams for investigation. Any chance one of you is willing to video capture this on your next run? It’s easy in Windows 10 - press the Windows key + G to bring up the game record overlay.


I’m doing a True workout on Thursday so I will try and record the run. I have a running workout tomorrow as well so will see how that turns out too. This will be my first time recording anything so I will try not to mess it up.

I noticed the same thing, was weaving side to side as if I was trying to pass someone but no one else was around.

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Unfortunately I’m running with Apple tv 4k so don’t know if you can even capture video with that.
I’m doing a TDZ catch up run this morning so if it happens again I will try to record it with my mobile phone, although the zig zagging was previously on a True workout.

I just did a run in Yorkshire and actually managed to record it, but my avatar ran normally. I am doing a True workout tomorrow so will try again. So far I only remember it vividly happening on a True Workout in New York on the Park to Peak route. I did have another run on Monday but it was a run test and it was so hard that I don’t remember anything other than pain.

I participated in the True Tempo event today at 10:30AM EST and was able to record some examples of the zig-zagging behaviour. Hope this can help out @shooj

Thank you for taking the time to capture & post these clips. It’s always helpful to know what you’re seeing on your end. I’ve passed it along to the team.

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